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Hello!. I am testing the free version of the service offered by Site24x7. Yesterday 6 "Down" states were reported on my site but in the access logs on my server all Site24x7 accesses appear with http code 200. I expected to find http 5xx codes. How does Site24x7 determine that a website is down?, or When does Site24x7 consider that a website is down? Thanks in advance

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Hi there,


Thank you for reaching out.


Here are a few instances when Site24x7 declares a resource as Down.

  • When the status code is more than 399.

  • When an SSL Connection can't be established with the resource.

  • When the response timeout occurs or when the response time exceeds the set threshold.

  • When the TCP connection fails.


The specific reason for your resource's Down status will be included in the alert email we send to your configured email address. Connection errors will be marked as Down and it will not be added as an entry in server access logs.


Hope this helps. Please feel free to add your queries as comments below or contact us via support@site24x7.com for further clarifications.


Until next time,

Happy monitoring!

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