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Webhook notification when an outage clears



We would like to receive a webhook notification at the end of an outage. Not just at the start. We're integrating our different monitoring systems in one system where we can monitor and create ticket into our ticketing system from a single place. In order to keep this "umbrella" alarm-monitor tool always showing the correct alarming state it should also automatically cancel any alarm. Right now that means that as soon a receive an outage notification via my webhook integration I need to start polling the monitor report to figure out if the alarm is still active. That's a lot of unneeded work for me and unneeded requests for your service.


Can you add this to your roadmap?

Best Regards

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Dear Mark, 

    We do send notifications when the monitor is up again. Did you experience any abnormality in this? Do let us know so that we can dig deep into it.



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Hi Jasper,

I looked into these in a bit more depth. The webhooks I looked at both were ip checks that started in outage and were put in maintenance. The start of type 2 outage was reported. The maintenance did end the outage according to the API  ( used a GET call on /reports/alarm/<monitorid>). And started a new outage of type 7. If the original outage period ends by putting it into maintenance it would make sense to also report that via the webhook. Preferable a single webhook message that flags a transition from type 2 to to type 7 including the transition time. That way the customer can handle that in the way that best suits them. (Ranging from ignoring it, adding a maintenance period in the receiving system, changing priority, etc).

On a side note that API call to /reports/alarm/<monitorid> adds an end_time to every outage. Including the ongoing outages (which get the current timestamp). In my view that's just plain wrong. A null value would be way more correct.

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Hi Mark,

We are not sending notifications or webhook calls on maintenance start (status code 7). We shall keep this request noted in our road map.

In case, if you know about the maintenance in advance, you can create a schedule for that to avoid pushing down notification to your tool. By setting "Enable monitoring during maintenance to improve overall uptime" option as "Yes" in the form, you can ensure maintenance status is set only for the actual down period within the scheduled duration. 


/reports/alarm/<monitorid> and other report apis are designed to provide a summary about the monitor for the given period of time. So they will set an end time based on the period passed. 

If you want to know the status of the monitor at the moment, you can use /current_status or /current_status/<monitor_id>



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