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Web Transaction Recorder: "YOUR BROWSER VERSION IS NOT SUPPORTED!" Error

I've successfully set up Web Transaction Monitors" using the Transaction Recorder. It's exciting how smooth this works without any manual intervention after recording. 

However, trying to recorde a monitor for the address web.tresorit.com/login an error appears

"YOUR BROWSER VERSION IS NOT SUPPORTED! To view this experience, please upgrade to the latetest one of these browsers... Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari. ..."

I understand, that in the Menu Actions->Set User Agent different versions of Browsers including the ones proposed in the feedback from web.tresorit.com can be choosen. 

But setting latest versions of different browsers there, doesn't have any impact -  I get always the same error just when start recording. 

Does somebody know, how to overcome this issue?

Thanks, Thomas

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Re: Web Transaction Recorder: "YOUR BROWSER VERSION IS NOT SUPPORTED!" Error

Hello Thomas,

It looks like we've somehow missed this post and our apologies for the delay.

We'd like to inform you that we have recently released the add-on for our recorder and it works with the Chrome browser. Kindly install the add-on from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/site24x7-web-transaction/igeibjcgmjjglmjkehpeepggejgbpjnk and try to record your transactions. I believe that this should solve your problem. If not, please write back to us and we promise to reply back promptly.


Thanks and Regards,

Monisha V

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