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Web Transaction Browser - Unsupported Selenium Commands



The following commands are not supported when importing a selenium IDE (.side) file.

- waitForElementPresent

- waitForElementVisible


Whereas in the documentation of www.site24x7.com/help/admin/adding-a-monitor/advanced-web-script-editing.html the command wait_for_element_presence("identifier","identifier_value",timeout) exists.

So, how comes the Site24x7 web transaction browser recorder tool is unable to convert this command ?

Is there an alternative command that we can use to wait for the presence of an element in a page ?

Can you give me a list of supported Selenium commands ?



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Re: Web Transaction Browser - Unsupported Selenium Commands

Hi Mario,

We have support for waitForElementPresent and even you can use that command when importing a selenium IDE script. We are not able to reproduce this issue from our end. So kindly send your script to support@site24x7.com, we will check and get back to you.

And query regarding waitForElementVisible, we have handled it internally from our end and we will enable it in future update. For now you can remove this command and import the script.


Thanks and Regards,

Monisha V

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