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web page speed (browser)

by chuq

I have setup my website under web page speed (browser) monitoring and it was detected down/unavaiable but it the website is accessible at all time and response was immediate.

Can someone share the mechanics in determining down or up?

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Re: web page speed (browser)

Hi Chuq,

   There may be a few reasons why we mark the site as down specially for WebPageSpeed (browser). Unlike url monitor where we look at only the connection time and determine the page is up or down. In WebpageSpeed we wait till the full page is loaded and then calculate the response time for it.

[Edited] Things to consider

1. Check if the page load timeout is right. Our default is 30 seconds. 

2. If you are monitoring a dynamic website see the settings and make sure you have the right settings for it in wait for load. We add a 10 second wait time for scripts, events and contents to get loaded before we measure the time.

3. For Paid users

  • We do not process data exceeding 5 MB
  • We do not process data above 500 links. 

For Eval we suspend the website any one of the following reason occur

  • If it has exceeded the allowed threshold for page size of 5 MB
  • If it has more than 500 links in the web page



We recommend to recheck your configurations. Hope this gives you how we check the dynamics of WebPage Speed (Browser) work. If you have any questions please reply back we would be glad to help. 


Product Manager, Site24x7

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