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VMWare VM Monitor vs Server Monitor?


I use Site 24x7 to monitor my VMWare environment and servers.

Can you tell me – do I need to monitor BOTH the “VMWare VM’ and the “Server Monitor” for my vmware hosted Windows Servers, or is just running “Server Monitor” Sufficient?

I ask because then I burn up two licenses for each windows server. Is there a difference between the two? Is one better than the other and do I need both? Or is just Server Monitor sufficient?



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Let me elaborate on the difference between VMware monitoring and server monitoring.
VMware monitoring: You will be able to monitor VMware Hosts, VMs and Datastores, Snapshots."VMware VM" automatically takes care of vMotion and other VMware releated events in monitoring. For more details please visit this page.
Server monitoring: This is an agent based monitoring that provides metrics at the Guest OS level including processes, Eventlog/Syslog and so on. For detailed list of metrics please refer this webpage.
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Hello Team,


I had both VM monitor and Server monitor on one of the virtual windows server.


Is it possible to change it mainly from server monitor because there are bit difference of dashboard attributes. Mainly login count. Let me know if this possible to change it .



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Once a VM is integrated with a server monitor in Site24x7, we show the same set of metrics and view for the integrated monitor.

As for the 'login count', the metric will be available under Server Details in the Summary tab of the integrated monitor.

Hope this helps. Let us know for further questions, if any, in the below thread.




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