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VMware Poll Interval

Is it possible to change the poll interval for vCenter or ESXi Server monitors? 

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Re: VMware Poll Interval


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Re: Re: VMware Poll Interval

Paul, Can you tell us why you want to change the poll interval? Currently it's not possible.


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Re: Re: Re: VMware Poll Interval

Hi Jasper

I think the current interval is 15 mins? Which in that time a host may have crashed and rebooted without any notification. I don't understand why an ESXi host isn't treated the same as a physical server with the ability to reduce the poll interval.


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Re: Re: Re: Re: VMware Poll Interval

Hello Paul,
Currently, the poll interval for hosts is five minutes, and it's not configurable.
Our team is working on configuring poll intervals for VMware related monitors. Will update this thread once it is done.
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