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VMWare Metrics Monitoring and Alerting

It would be very helpful to have a bit more granularity and choices in the VMware monitors.  Specifically:

  • Datastore Usage - Track disk use over time and alert on datastores that are reaching capacity
  • Hardware Status - You are pulling the underlying metrics but not the red/green status that could be alerted upon
  • ESX Memory - The metrics are pulled, there is even a button to set thresholds but no fields/thresholds to set in that screen
  • VM CPU Metrics - You report CPU Ready as an ms value but when reading it at a VM level its value is as a % (kb.vmware.com/s/article/2002181) and I need to be able to alert on those metrics as well
  • VM Disk Metrics - Does not currently include latency

Some GUI items as well.  For example, from within a vCenter monitor the list of VM's is clickable to take you to the VM object.  The same list of VM's in an ESX host object is not clickable.

ESX host name is present in the VM object inventory but not clickable

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Re: VMWare Metrics Monitoring and Alerting


We understand that you would like to configure thresholds for ESX Memory and VMware CPU inside Memory and CPU tabs. Unfortunately, as of now, it is not possible to configure such thresholds inside those tabs.

However, you can configure such thresholds by navigating to Admin > Configuration Profiles > Threshold and Availability > Default Threshold - VMWAREESX.

Also, regards to your query on Datastore and VM Disk's latency metric, we are developing new monitor types focused on Datastore and Resource Pools in the VM Infrastructure. These monitors are currently in our testing phase and you can expect it to be available in Site24x7 before end of May.

Thank you so much for your feedback. Feel free to get back us, we will be glad to assist you further.




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Re: Re: VMWare Metrics Monitoring and Alerting


Is the hardware status alerting on your road-map as well?  You are gathering the information just can't alert on it.

Also for the CPU monitoring, you can set the thresholds from the graph screen, unlike memory, but you can't use the CPU Ready metric which is much more important for understanding over-subscription than CPU Idle.  It would still need to be converted to the % which I put in the link in OP.

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Re: Re: Re: VMWare Metrics Monitoring and Alerting

Hi Ryan,

Yes. Alerting based on hardware status is on our roadmap. Regarding CPU Ready Metric, we will take this as a feature request and will update here once the feature goes live.

Please get back for any further assistance. 



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Re: Re: Re: Re: VMWare Metrics Monitoring and Alerting

Any news in the Hardware status alerts?

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