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VMware change tracking

Dear site24x7 team,

please implement an automatic VMware change tracking.

It should record all changes for VMs and ESX Servers and it should be visible in a table for example in the vCenter Dashboard.

For example: Date and Time, Server (ESX or VM), Type (i.e. CPU/Memory/Disk added or removed, on/off/reboot, DRS, VMotion etc.), Before value, After value, Change by (Username)

That would be very helpful!

Thanks and regards,



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Dear Torsten, 

 Do you use any Change Management tool? What would be the use case you want to solve with Site24x7? Is it for reporting in inventory, for troubleshooting incidents with inventory changes, for tracking the changes and alerts on the changes inventory, or any other? 

We are still in the initial stages of discussing what we want to solve with the inventory (all the above are potential cases to solve). Any insight into your use case will help us.


Site24x7, PM

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Hi Jasper,

we do not use a specific management tool. But another monitoring solution which can do this ;)

The use case on our side is troubleshooting. The question during an incident is always: Was there a change?

We using milestones in site24x7 for automatic and manually deployments or changes at all. This is very helpful.

If automatic change tracking in VMware can also display markers in a summary graph this would be cool.





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