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VM when migrated to another ESxi Host is showing down

When a VM is moved to a different ESXi host, the VM monitoring status is showing down with an error as "VM does not exist".

Both the ESxi host (old and new of the migrated VM) are active and with auto-discovery enabled.

How can this be fixed?

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Hi Ravishankar,

Checking this at our end, we could see that the traces of vMotion have been acknowledged both the source and target VMware ESX monitors, and the corresponding new configurations have been sent to the On-Premise Poller for further data collection.

Unfortunately, it looks like there is an issue with the OnPremise Poller, in this case. To debug this further, we request you to zip and send the OnPremise Poller logs present in "C:\Program Files(x86)\Site24x7OnPremisePoller\logs" to support@site24x7.com.


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This is happening to us as well.  The VM will show as down when it is migrating.  And today we had a particular instance of this where when it came back up in Site24x7, it was unable to collect metrics and still is.  Site24x7 is showing the proper host for the VM and real-time metrics for the VM can be seen in vCenter.

It looks like it is timing out when I try to upload the zipped log files.  It is 44.2 MB.

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Hi Will,

The issue with vMotion not getting recognized could be because of the below reasons,

1. Prerequisites for vMotion to be captured by Site24x7 are not met.

2. Two or more VMs could have the same UUID. This happens when one VM is cloned from the other and if the UUID is not newly generated while cloning.
In the case of vMotion, Site24x7 use UUID to uniquely identify and remap the Virtual Machine to the new Host. Because of UUID duplication, instead of re-mapping actual VM, other VM might have got remapped. 

Please contact support@site24x7.com with the monitor details. To upload bulk-sized logs, we will send you an upload link as a reply. 



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