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View Maintenance windows applicable to a monitor

When I'm looking at a monitor, I want to know what maintenance windows exist for it.

The only two ways to do this currently are
1) to run an API call end extract the data (which is a pain because you have to check the monitor for maintenance windows and the monitor's group membership & see if these groups have any maintenance windows set).
2) Create a public status page with the monitor, and view the public page.


Honestly we need to see the maintenance windows listed in a new tab for the monitor's "maintenance windows" to list all maintenance windows that are applicable for that monitor & if they are applicable by group (if that is where the window is coming from)

Something like this for a server monitor "Awesome Server", and have the drop-down filter at the top for the date-range:

API Fields display_name description


maintenance_type start_day+start_time to end_day+end_time
Table firendly names Maintenance Name Maintenance Description Applied via group Maintenance Type Maintenance Window
Example Value 1 Wednesday System Updates Weekly Wednesday WSUS Updates for Windows systems in test group - Weekly Wednesday 11:00pm-Thursday 1:00am
Example Value 2 Emergency maintenance Primary cluster offline, working to resolves this outage - Brian - Once Monday 2:00pm-5:00pm
Example Value 3 Daily IIS App pool recycle IIS App pool recycle IIS Servers Daily 1:00am-1:15am


This would be a huge help for us to cut back and false positive alerts too.

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