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Using global parameters in a get request via querystring


Is there any way to pass a global parameter in a get request via querystring?

Like this:


Thank you.

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We'll check and get back on this, Andre. Thanks for raising this here.


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Has there been any development on this?

Does anybody found another way to add a parameter to the request url?

Thanks !

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Hi Caroline,

 You may make use of Global paramteters to pass parameter to the request url. We are supporting Global Params in the query string and path section of the URL.

  Global Parameters can be utilized in the following text fields:

  • Email Templates: Subject and Body
  • Add/Edit Monitor form: Header Name, Header Value and Request Body (for POST method)
  • Add/Edit Invoke URL Action: HTTP Request Header Name & Header Value, Custom Parameters in request body (for POST method)
  • Webhooks and Third-Party Integrations: Header Name and Header Value.

Please go through this Link to know more on global parameters.




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