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Using Configuration Templates correctly

Hello Community,

I'm currently testing Site24x7 and I can't make Configuration Template work as I need it to.

My goal is to have different templates for my servers - for instance, having a template that will monitor Spooler Service, another one that will monitor "plug and play" service (those are given as example for the sake of this support case).

What I do:

- I go to "admin/server monitor/configuration template" and click "add configuration template"

- I configure the template:

              - I don't associate it to a monitor group

              - I check the "service auto discover" check box

              - I add "Print Spooler" to the Service Name list


I DO NOT want it configured as a default template.

Once it is saved, I use the "Bulk Associate to Multiple" button to

- associate my Print Spooler Configuration Template to a Server Monitor

- I set the "Override discovered Services..." to Yes


And nothing happens. My Server Monitor does not catch the configuration the Spooler service is not monitored.

What do I miss in the configuration ?

Last question: how do I list the Server Monitor associated with a Configuration Template ? I can't find this anywhere.


Thanks in advance for your help :) !



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Re: Using Configuration Templates correctly


Thanks for raising this issue. All the steps you'd followed are perfect. A recent change in our environment caused this issue in the association of configuration templates to server monitors. We are working on this with high priority and I will update here once the fix is rolled out. Sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused to you.


And, regarding the list of server monitors associated to a configuration template, I'm sorry to let you know that this feature is not available and not there in our immediate roadmap too. But I do promise to keep you posted if we revisit our roadmap.



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Re: Re: Using Configuration Templates correctly

Thank you for thus update Narmadha :).

To make sure I understand: in normal conditions, can I switch a server monitor from one Configuration Template to another one and have my new template active on the server monitor ? Or is a server monitor forever stuck with its original template ?

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Re: Re: Re: Using Configuration Templates correctly


Associating a server configuration template is a mere association of the defined configurations (threshold, notification, services, processes etc) to a server monitor all at once. Thus, this is a one time task that will not be automated every time a change is done in the template.

To make things more clear, consider the below scenario : 

There is a configuration template created by the name "A1". It is then associated with an existing server monitor "Server1". As desired, the configuration setting in template "A1" will be applied to "Server1". 

Now, consider an update or addition/deletion in the template "A1". The modified configuration will be reflected in "Server1 " only when you associate it again manually.

Hope this clarifies your question. Please let us know for further queries.



Related Help Documentation:

Set up a configuration template

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Re: Re: Using Configuration Templates correctly


The issue regarding the association of configuration templates has been fixed and updated. Kindly check the same and revert if you need any further assistance. 



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Re: Re: Re: Re: Using Configuration Templates correctly



when you associate the template to a monitor group and afterward modify the template, do you need to re-associate the template with the monitor group ? Or, when you add a new server monitor to the monitor group, is it dynamically taken into account or do you need to re-associate the template to the group ?

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Using Configuration Templates correctly


In both the scenarios that you have mentioned, you have to reassociate the configuration template with the Monitor Group for the changes to get reflected.

You can do so by using the "Bulk Associate to Multiple Monitors" option in the Configuration Template window.

Please refer our help documentation for further assistance.




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