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User session monitoring

Can have user session monitoring in Magento application? So can see the flow of the particular user's requests, which is necessary when a user reported issue so that we can track what happened

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First of all, our sincere apologies. Somehow, we missed updating this post.

Currently, we do not support Magento framework. 

Regarding user session monitoring, we do have session tracking in real user monitoring where the resources in the session are monitored. We call this feature as snapshots and the details can be found in the help link.


Tracking user session to find the flow of the user's request is an important feature. But, we currently do not have a solution for that. It will also involve reading/setting cookie information and that involves user privacy concerns. We will consider all these and prioritize based on more customers asking for the same.

Thanks for raising this request. 




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Would there be a way to do session tracking by having the Site24x7 script insert a session ID each time the site is loaded so that it doesn't have to use the customer's info in a cookie form?

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