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User Role behavior changes

Following functionality changes has been done with respect to User Management:
  • Access (web client) restrictions for a Sub-User can be set only at a Monitor Group Level. Earlier setting on a per Monitor Level was supported. This has been changed.
  • Additionally, and Admin User who typically has read and write access cannot be restricted to a specific Monitor Group. This has been changed as we found it to make less meaning since the specific user could anyway access and view other global configurations like Thresholds, Location Profiles etc.
  • Only Super Admin users (normally the email id with which you have signed up for your Site24x7 Account) can publish reports via Portal Integration. 
Kindly post your feedback regarding this.
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I've been trying to setup a user who can only see a restricted set of monitors (by Monitor Group).

Under User Management I click on Users. I select the user opening the Edit User screen. I set User Role to Operator. I click on the Monitor Groups radio button. Select my groups. Then click save. When I open the Edit User screen again the radio button goes back to All Monitors. It seemed to work once, I was able to login and only see a subset of monitors however I've tried 20 odd times now with no luck.

Can you help?

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It is a bug in our system. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

We will fix it as early as possible and notify you once it is fixed.

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This issue has been fixed. Kindly try to setup a new user with monitor permissions.

Let me know if you need any further clarifications.
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