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User Interface(UI) changes with respect to AWS infrastructure monitoring.

Our today's release not only had feature enhancements, some significant UI behavior changes also accompanied it with respect to AWS monitoring. This post is here to give you an overview about, what came in and what went out.

Some notable changes for existing subscription users (Eval/Paid) who are already monitoring their AWS accounts with Site24x7.

  • The Amazon Web Service (AWS) account and the individual AWS resources listing found under the Server tab will be removed permanently.
  • A new AWS product module icon will be listed in the Site24x7 Dock. The Dock is the left side pane of our web client which houses the Home, Web, Server, APM, Reports, Alarms and Admin icon.
  • The Hamburger icon, which lists all of your AWS Account monitor admin actions - Edit, Suspend, Poll now and Delete will now be listed in the top left pane of your account level AWS inventory dashboard

UI behavior for users who are monitoring a single AWS account with AWS.

If you click on the AWS product module icon in the Site24x7 Dock, you'll find the following in order:

  • A new dedicated Help Assistant which provides you a comprehensive overview of our AWS monitoring capabilities, along with all the necessary help resources.
  • A new Add Amazon Monitor option, to get you started quickly. Before to connect your AWS account with Site24x7, you had to take a roundabout route of Admin-> Add monitor->Amazon Web Service. Now the whole process can be accomplished with a single click.

And finally the most important of all, you'll find your monitored AWS account listed as a tab.

Click on the AWS account tab, to activate a drop down. The drop down will list all the attached AWS resources along with the two new additions - AWS Inventory dashboard and Infrastructure dashboard.

AWS inventory dashboard: The dashboard provides a single place to visually view the count and inventory details of all the AWS resources, that are currently being monitored by Site24x7.

  • AWS infrastructure dashboard: In a single view, the AWS infrastructure dashboard, displays the near real time status of all the monitored resources in your AWS account. This dashboard will be selected by default when you click on the AWS product module icon in the Site24x7 dock.
  • AWS resources: The supported AWS resources are listed next in the drop down. You can select any AWS resource from the drop down to navigate to the resource list page.

For example, if you select EC2 instance from the drop down, first you'll get to see the monitor status information, where the discovered EC2 instance monitors are grouped together based on their operational status.(Up, Trouble, Down, Configuration Error, maintenance). Below that, you'll find a list view of all the discovered EC2 instances that are currently being monitored. A high-level performance overview - CPU utilization, Memory, and Disk I/O activity, are also displayed along each listed EC2 instance.

UI behavior for users who are monitoring multiple AWS accounts with Site24x7.

When you are monitoring more than one AWS account with Site24x7, a consolidated All Accounts view tab will get activated. This view can effectively aide you in monitoring resource utilization and performance for several AWS resources and help you to track inventory information for AWS resources deployed across multiple AWS accounts.

  • If you click on the AWS product module icon in the Site24x7 dock, theAll Accounts tab drop down will be activated and the AWS inventory dashboard listed in it will be selected by default.
  • Following the Help Assistant, Add Amazon Monitor option and the All Accounts view the respective monitored AWS accounts will be listed in a chronological order.

Before, when monitoring multiple AWS accounts, the consolidated AWS resources were listed based on their underlying service independent of their respective accounts. In our new user interface we have brought in a new Amazon Accounts listing, where you can contextually view the resources attached to your account independently.

Well thats about the User interface changes, if you have any feedback or comments please post it on our forums, any questions or concerns, please get in touch with our support.


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