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Use same IT Automation for multiple status changes

I would like to be able to use the same IT Automation for more than one status change. We use VictorOps Paging service which we setup IT Automations to either send a Critical or Warning Alert to VictorOps. My issue is that I want to be able to use the same "Victorops Critical IT Automation" for both the "Execute on Down" and "Execute on Critical" statuses but the portal will only let me use that IT Automation for only one status. So my current workaround is to create a duplicate IT Automation and just name it something else. 

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Re: Use same IT Automation for multiple status changes

Hi Shaheen,

In addition to the workaround you shared, I would like to add few more options here:

Option 1: If you want to Execute the IT Automation on any status change rather than for Down or Critical, there is an option "Execute on any Status Change" for which the corresponding IT Automation can be mapped.


Option 2: If you want to configure the IT Automation for Critical and Down alone, you can configure that in Admin > Configuration Profiles > Threshold & Availability > choose the threshold profile and configure the IT Automation which needs to be executed when an attribute fails. Here you can configure the same IT Automation for different attribute failures.

For Down case, you can configure the IT Automation in the Edit Monitor Page "Execute on Down".

The same IT Automation can be configured for "Execute on Down" also.

I hope this helps you solve the problem.


Vinoth Manoharan

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