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Unit of time constants allowances

When pulling data from the API, we are only allowed the following time periods.

Period Constants
Last 24 hours
2 Last 7 Days
3 Today
4 Yesterday
5 Last 30 Days
7 Last Month
8 This Year
11 This Week
12 Last Week
13 This Month
50 Custom Period

It would be nice to be able to get last quarter data as well.

For example, on April 2 we would like to run an availability report for Q1 (Jan, Feb, March)
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Thanks for raising this request. We will add the last quarter option to our service product map.

Currently to generate the last quarter report, you can use the Custom period option specifying the start & end dates as the quarter's start and end dates respectively.

For e.g to get the Report of Last Quarter(1 st October 2016 to 31st Dec 2016)
GET /reports/availability_summary?period=50&start_date=2016-10-01&end_date=2016-12-31

Format of start & end dates : yyyy-mm-dd

You can also refer our help on Availability Summary Report API

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Thanks for the reply. We are currently using it that way to manually grab quarterly data, however, for us to automate this process we would need the "last quarter" option.  Thanks for letting me know it's added to the roadmap.
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You can now publish reports for the last quarter, this quarter, and the last three months. Please read through this article to know how this works. 

Let us know for queries, if any.


Happy Monitoring!

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Thanks for the update Mathangi.

Is this also available via the API? I haven't had time to read the docs yet.

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Yes framirez in api too. 

9 = This Quarter

22 = Last Quarter

25 = Last 3 Months



ps : Wait for a few seconds for the help page to load as it is a single page API doc. 

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