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Troubles with Maintenance Windows

I am having problems with Maintenance Windows.  Our I.T. department has the "potential" to work on servers between midnight and 4AM.  To prevent an avalanche of emails to the Programmers and Designers, I setup a daily maintenence window for this time frame.  Immediately afterwards we began noticing that it was affecting our up-time SLAs even if the server or service never went down.  In fact, during a maintenance window, all monitoring of the server or service stops!  After a support chat, I was told to turn on the setting that maintenance windows will show as UP.  I did that and it did show as UP, but the monitoring is still ignored during that time frame.  

I then went into edit on a User, Alert Settings to see if I could change the Alerting Period to be 4AM to Midnight.  Turns out that you cannot turn off Email alerts via the Alerting Period slider!  Isn't that the whole point of setting the Alerting Period for a person? 

At this point, I have to remove all the Maintenance Windows so that the true monitoring will continue to work correctly because either the Maintenance Window function is broken, or the Alerting Period function is broken.  Take your pick.

Honestly, I would like to see maintenance windows continue to monitor devices and servers for SLA purposes, and ideally both of these features should be fixed.

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Re: Troubles with Maintenance Windows

"all monitoring of the server or service stops"

If there is maintenance happening that you need to keep active I would suggest you note what checks against your servers you would need insight into and start a new thread as a feature request.


As far as I know, the Alerting period is only for SMS and/or voice calls not emails.

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