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Triggering IT Automation from Server Resource Check(s)

I submitted a case in regards to a lacking feature of the IT Automation capabilities.  I feel everyone could greatly benefit from the ability to choose a specific automation to trigger from each individual server check, rather than the blanket trigger for the failure of any check.  Here is the response I received.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. 

Currently the IT Automation can be assigned at the entire check level and not at each check level. This is an expected behavior. 

However, we agree that each check should might require a different IT Automation. I will discuss this further with our team and we will keep you updated. 


Muralee S

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Is there any update for this request?  Thank you for your time and attention.

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Re: Triggering IT Automation from Server Resource Check(s)


We have taken this up as a feature request and it's in our development queue. We will intimate you once the feature has been completed.

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