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Total Requests Site24x7 against Gtmetrix

Recently, I did a request in site24x7 to get total of request for determinated web site, for my surprise I get this totals:


- In sites24x7 i get 74 requests;

- In gtmetrix i get 174 requests.


So, my question is:

How site24x7 can get this confiability, like gtmetrix do? Or better, there's a way to site24x7 bring the same information?

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Re: Total Requests Site24x7 against Gtmetrix

All, any update about it?

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Re: Total Requests Site24x7 against Gtmetrix

The Web Page Analyzer does not download some third party analytics scripts by default, so these will not show in the request count. The analysis is stopped when the page load event is triggered since this represents when the user can begin interacting with the web page. Any Javascript or resources loaded dynamically after this will not be counted either, so the total request count will be lower than a browser tab left open for an extended duration.

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