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Tip #63: What should I do if data collection has not been initiated for a RUM application?

If you've added a RUM script in your application but still don't see any data, here's what you need to do.

1. Check if you've added the RUM script properly. To do this, select the RUM tab on the left pane, and then click Summary. Under Step 2, paste the URL of the webpage where you have added the script. If your script has been added properly, you will get a message telling you that data collection will start in a few minutes. If your script has not been added properly, you'll get an error message.

2. Perform a transaction in your application. If the RUM script has been added properly, but you still don't see any metrics, make web requests or browser actions in your web applications to see metrics in the client. 

If you've followed the above-mentioned instructions and still don't see any data, kindly contact support@site24x7.com

Happy monitoring! 

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