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Tip #13: View changes in your application response time without drilling for details

Imagine that you have just rolled out an update in your application and now want to check if that update has had any impact on your application performance. You can track the changes with Milestone Marker and observe the variation in response time in a graph. Or you can simply look into your application details in the RUM dashboard. 



Changes in response time are quantified by a red or green icon for active web apps in the dashboard. Red denotes an increase in response time while green denotes a decrease. When you choose a specific time period, the change in response time is displayed in comparison to previous time periods.


For instance, when you select change in response time for the last one hour, this change is calculated by comparing it with the 24 hours preceding that selected hour. Similarly, if you select change in response time for a specific day, changes will be calculated by comparing it with the seven days preceding that day.   


This enables you to assess the performance of all your active applications in a single console over varied time periods.


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