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Time Drift Monitoring



In most IT environments, the time accuracy of a Server is very important, especially amongst Active Directory servers' synchronization.


So, can Site247 monitors whether a Windows Server's time has drifted off from the time zone by X minutes, and alert us? Eg. the Time Zone is 2.40pm, but the Windows Server time is 2.53pm, so alerts the administrators on this time issue.


If yes, can it also do an IT automation, to automatically runs the Time Sync command, against the specified time source?




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Re: Time Drift Monitoring


Our NTP Server monitor can do this. Configure your server as the Primary server, and a known good server (such as a public NTP server) as the Secondary server after enabling Check Synchronization. You will then be alerted if your server drifts beyond the configured threshold.

The NTP Server monitor is explained in more detail in our help documentation:




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Re: Re: Time Drift Monitoring


I'm trying to implement the above to monitor random servers within my domain to check their time compared to our NTP servers but i'm getting

Configuration Error : The connection to the socket has timed out in <servername>


Any ideas on what is failing? As these are internal servers i'm running the check from On-Prem Pollers. 

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