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Time between requests

We currently have a REST API transaction in which the first request is to send a message and the second to check its status. I need time between both, as the status can take a while to change. This has sent me several alerts.

As an alternative I am making other calls between them, but it does not help me much and is not the best solution.

I'm waiting

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Re: Time between requests


What is the time needed for the second request after the completion of the first request?
In a Transaction for how many steps do you need such a wait time?
Moreover, in how many transactions would you need this wait time?
We need these details to check the possibility of implementing this.

Site24x7 Team

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Re: Re: Time between requests


1 - A time around 30 seconds to 2 minutes
2 - Only one
3 - Only one
It is a transaction that sends messages and I need confirmation of the sending, sometimes it can take longer taking into account the response time of the server
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