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Time based Thresholds



Would it be possible to have time based thresholds.  We have specific services that we expect to have high cpu or memory at certain times of the day.  So we would like 2 profiles one that states if CPU>45% between 09:00 and 18:00 then alert but if CPU>90% between 18:01 and 08:59 alert




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Re: Time based Thresholds

Thanks for bring it up here, Greg. We don't support time based threshold now but this is a nice feature to have I must say.  We'll add this to our roadmap and let you know once we have a clear timeline.


Product Manager, Site24x7

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Re: Re: Time based Thresholds

Hey Greg, 

  This has triggered interesting conversations internally. While we chalk out an action plan for your feature, I wanted to share with you about the AI Based anomaly detection system. Our AIOps Engine can detect seasonal anomalies that occur across monitors (in your case CPU spikes during a particular period) and can alert in case there is an anomaly. We collect 4 weeks of hourly performance data to train our data models for accuracy and we are constantly improving our models. 

I do understand you want our alerting engine to avoid sending alerts based on the time period. However, when there is an abnormality during that time you may want us to send alerts. For this, I suggest you enable Anomaly alert and give it a try. Please do share your feedback. 


Product Manager, Site24x7.

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Re: Re: Time based Thresholds

Do we have any movement on this? We use custom monitors to monitor completed orders from our website and those values drop in the evening when there is less traffic.

Many other competitor platforms have time based thresholds where you can configure from 9am to 9pm trigger on X value and from 9PM to 9am trigger on Y value.

I understand there is anomaly detection but for monitors as critical as these we get woken up for them and unless AI is 100% accurate all the time (which its not) we would get woken up often. In addition, we dont really want to trust the AI for monitors as critical as orders taken on our websites.

We currently have a bash script that runs multiple times a day to enable and disable all monitors but that is a pain to maintain.

I couldn't imagine this would be difficult to implement and its quite useful.

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Re: Re: Re: Time based Thresholds

Hey There,
   Unfortunately, we don't have this in our immediate roadmap. But as a short-term workaround below are some adjustments you can do in the script to minimize complexity.
  1.  Have a new metric in the custom monitor (I assume it's a custom plugin) which you can have as 1 or 0 value. Write the violation logic (based on the current time) in the script itself and send 1 or 0. Based on this value trigger the alert. (I understand this is a bad hack and would mean that all the logic resides in the script).
  2. As an alternate, have 2 threshold profiles configured for the custom monitor. One for business hours and the other for non-business hours with the respective values configured. Based on the current time of the day update the threshold profile for the monitor via API

These could be temporary workarounds until we take this up. Taking this up will involve effort and time on our side and we are not able to commit on a timeline. 


Site24x7, PM



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