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Time assertions in Web Transaction (Browser)

Hi, I'm trying to measure performance of a whole Web Transaction workflow. My use case is measuring how much time registering a user takes (it's a few forms to fill, a few buttons to click) and ideally raise an alert if it takes more than X. Is this possible using Web Transaction (Browser) monitor? If not, is it achievable using a different monitor?

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Re: Time assertions in Web Transaction (Browser)


Yes, this is possible using Web Transaction (Browser) monitor. To achieve this, You have to configure the Threshold for the transaction time by editing the monitor. In the Monitor Edit page just Edit the "Threshold and Availability" setting and then configure the "Transaction time threshold for primary (or) secondary monitoring locations".

Refer the below help doc to configure the threshold " https://www.site24x7.com/help/admin/configuration-profiles/threshold-and-availability/web-application-real-browser.html ". 

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