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Threshold and availablity settings hierarchy

I'm in the middle of trying out Site24X7 with a trial account and I had a question about how the Threshold and Availability settings work. Specifically, I'm wondering if there's any hierarchy to which ones take precedence. For example, I have a server monitor ("Server Monitor") that is configured to use a Threshold and Available profile called "Web Server". That threshold profile has "Notify when process is down" set to Down.  Now, I can go to that particular server monitor and setup a Windows service to monitor and for that particular windows service I am able to set the "Notify when process is down" to Trouble. With this setup, I would expect the monitor to go to a Trouble state when the windows service is stopped; however, the monitor state goes to Down as if the master profile is taking affect. How should the monitor be affected by the specific setting made at the monitor level versus when a master Threshold profile has been selected for the monitor as well?
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Here are some more details about the working of the threshold profile, specifically for servers.

If you have set thresholds for the master profile and the individual services/processes also,  the down status takes precedence over the trouble state.

For example, lets say there are 2 services(Service1 and Service2) mapped to a server. The master threshold has been marked as Trouble, Service1 marked as down and Service2 marked as trouble individually.

Scenario 1: When Service1 goes down, you will receive a DOWN alert.
Scenario 2: When Service2 goes down, you will receive a TROUBLE alert.

Hope this explains. We would also love to hear more about the scenarios you are trying to reproduce and shall assist you further.
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Thanks for the reply. That helps me understand the logic behind what your system has in place already.

Maybe how what you describes works for the majority of users, but I guess I must think differently. I personally would think that that anything set at the monitor level would override what was set by the global profile. So with the way it works I can't do the following:

I can't have a global profile that is set by default to Notifiy as "Down" for Services and Processes. Then set that global profile as the threshold profile for several hundred server monitors. Then on let's say 3 specific monitors I want certain processes or services to only notify as trouble. Currently, I would have to create another global profile just for those 3 special monitors. I see my global profiles are going to get a bit out of hand as I get everything setup.


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