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Test response of polling in Web Transcation

Hi team,

I'm new to web transactions and would like to test a workflow that involves clicking a button that starts a polling process. The polling requests elicit a 204 (no content) response until the data has been processed, at which point the server returns 200 and some data. I would like the transaction to fail if the polling does not get a http response of 200 within an allocated amount of time (say 45 seconds). So far, I've recorded this interaction with the 24x7 transaction recorder, but I'm not sure how to specify the pass/fail criteria. Any pointers appreciated.


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Re: Test response of polling in Web Transcation

Hey There,

   With Real Browser monitoring this should be achievable. We need some more information related like the steps so that we can try it and give a solution accordingly. Can you please contact us at support@site24x7.com with transactions details. We will help you out and post the summary here for other to benefit. 


PM, Site24x7 

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