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Site24x7 is now a verified Terraform provider


Our monitoring journey has always been fueled by your input and suggestions. A popular feature request we got from customers was a Site24x7 provider in Terraform. We are delighted to inform you that Site24x7 is now a verified HashiCorp Terraform provider and can be used by all engineers.

Terraform is an open-source, Infrastructure-as-Code tool that helps developers create configurations in both cloud and on-premises platforms. With Terraform, DevOps engineers can automate the provisioning, configuration, and management of their infrastructures.

How can the Site24x7 provider help you?

Creating a new monitor in Site24x7 might require you to log in, fill in forms, and set a configuration. But, with Terraform's Site24x7 provider, you can manage the selected monitor types easily and efficiently.

Read our help documentation for more information and visit our Site24x7 provider registry to try out the new Site24x7 provider.

Please feel free to share your feedback in a comment.


Until next time,
Happy monitoring!

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Terraform provider update

We've been adding more resources to our Terraform Provider based on requests from github and support. Given below are  resources we've added after our initial release.


Monitor group data source - site24x7_monitor_group

Subgroup resource - site24x7_subgroup

Tag data source - site24x7_tag

Location Profile resource management - site24x7_location_profile

Notification Profile resource management - site24x7_notification_profile

Import monitors utility for importing and managing existing monitors to terraform - Utility

Web Page Speed resource - site24x7_web_page_speed_monitor

Schedule Maintenance resource - site24x7_schedule_maintenance

Configuring access token in the provider configuration - To avoid errors in CI/CD pipeline due to token generation limit.

Subgroup resource - site24x7_subgroup


Server agent addition

Server monitor resource - site24x7_server_monitor



Support for ZAAID attribute in provider configuration


Integrations supported

Opsgenie integration - site24x7_opsgenie_integration

Slack Integration - site24x7_slack_integration

PagerDuty integration -  site24x7_pagerduty_integration

ServiceNow integration - site24x7_servicenow_integration


Data sources

To fetch individual monitors - site24x7_monitor

To fetch bulk monitors from Site24x7 - site24x7_monitors

Fetching a tag - site24x7_tag

Fetching monitor group details - site24x7_monitor_group


In the pipeline (2 months)

Azure monitoring addition


REST API Transaction addition

Data source implementation for important profiles

Data source for fetching MSP Customers

Milestone marker

MSP customer data


A big shout out to all the customers who have been contributing and adopting the Site24x7 provider already. Thank you for your contributions; we appreciate them. Keep your requests coming. If you are willing to contribute to enhancing the provider, you can fork the repo and submit your change as a pull request.

In case of  any issues or if there's a ux problem in using the provider, do raise an issue with us on github (they will be tracked as a site24x7 support ticket internally so as to track it).



Site24x7 PM

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