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Terminal server - Logged in users count


Is there any way within Site24x7 to monitor the number of logged in sessions on a Windows 2008 R2 terminal server farm?

Any replies welcomed.

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Currently we are showing only login count under System Statistics in Server Monitor details page. Please refer attached screenshot.  Regarding logged in session, we will take it as feature request and implement the same.

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This count does not work. It shows 1 but there are 11 users online. Please check this counter on a Win 2012 R2 full patched Remote Desktop Server. Please also bring a focus to a remote desktop monitoring app in your product. It's only available for AWS from your side. Would be nice if an on-premise monitoring app is also available.
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Hi p.pfeffer,

Sorry for the inconvenience. We have fixed the login count value. Please follow the steps to perform the fix:

1. Open services.msc from Run command

2. Stop 'Site24x7 Windows Agent' service

3. Go to directory <Agent installation folder>\Site24x7\WinAgent\monitoring\conf\scripts

4. Move ServerMetrics.vbs to ServerMetrics_old.vbs.

5. In the same directory, unzip the attached ServerMetrics.zip.

6. Start 'Site24x7 Windows Agent' service.

Please check the value for login count in the Site24x7 client under System Statistics in the Summary page.

Size: 1.13 KB
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Hello Team,


I can find the Server monitor login count in dashboard, but for VMs i cannot. Is it possible to get this also in dashboard?




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You can integrate Site24x7 VMware monitor and server monitor for a unified view of VM metrics and guest OS metrics.

Once integrated, you can find the metric 'login count' under Server Details in the Summary tab of the integrated monitor. 

Hope this helps. Let us know for further questions, if any, in the below thread.


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