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Suspended Monitors affecting Availability Stats (and possibly other matrix)

We have noticed that suspended monitors feature in reports.

This has a significant impact on the corporate reporting

Every other monitor system we have used, removes suspended monitors for reports (or has the ability to) 


 A test may be suspended 

1) Test\service is decommissioned – retained within the platform for legacy stats reporting.

2) Test has failed due to a change to a service e.g. web transaction needs to re-recorded.

3) An operational requirement whereby we wish to disregard the impact of this test in the overall availability. 


Example of the impact on statistics

Server 1 – 100%

Server 2 – 10%

Server 3 – 100%

Server 4 – 100%

Group Availability – 77.5%

If Server 4 gets decommissioned and placed in a suspended state, availability will be calculated as 

Group availability – 77.5%

The true availability (based on Server 1,2,3 only – removing the suspended monitor) would be

Group availability - 70%

This means there is a 7.5% variation between the correct availability and the current method it is being calculated.

As you can see this makes a significant difference in the overall statistics. 

I would also guess that other reports would be effected and include suspended devices  e.g. top N reports


Please Review the possibility of having the option to remove suspended tests from reporting (or have the tick box to include/exclude)



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Re: Suspended Monitors affecting Availability Stats (and possibly other matrix)

Hi there, 

  Thanks for your detailed post explaining how it affects the report. We understand the requirement. We will work towards bringing it in. i.e Exclude suspended monitors from availability calculations.


PM Site24x7

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Re: Re: Suspended Monitors affecting Availability Stats (and possibly other matrix)

Many thanks for understanding the situation and look forward to the feature being included

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