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Reports and maintenance for Subgroups


We're happy to introduce support for Subgroups in various features in Site24x7, which will help you better manage your infrastructure. 

With this enhancement, you can now report on, schedule maintenance for, perform bulk actions on, and export monitors for Subgroups along with Monitor Groups. You can choose to include Subgroups by using the toggle button provided in the each of the respective sections in the Site24x7 client.

For example, while scheduling an Availability Summary report to be sent, you can toggle Yes for the option Include Subgroups. This would ensure that Subgroups of the selected monitor groups are also included.

Note: If you set the toggle button to Yes, then all the current and future Subgroups will be included. If the toggle button is set to No, then only the selected groups or Subgroups will be included.

With this enhancement, you can:

  • Create reports, schedule maintenance, perform bulk actions, and export monitors for Subgroups.

    For instance, while exporting your existing monitors with its configurations to a CSV flat file in TXT or CSV file format, you can opt to Include Subgroups.


  • Associate a monitor to any subgroup while adding or editing monitors.

  • Easily create availability summary reports for Subgroups.



Learn more about Subgroups.


We hope this enhancement makes monitoring and managing monitors in Site24x7 easier, and we'd love to hear your valuable feedback in the comment section below.  

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