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Stress Testing Applications

Since Site24x7 is already capable of recording transactions and monitoring user journeys why not add capability to stress test an Internet facing web application in terms of running lets say 3,000 concurrent (with defined ramp-up time intervals ) users from choosen locations? Looks like that would eb relatively small effort on your side.

We are looking to replace expensive on-prem tools like HP LoadRunner.

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Re: Stress Testing Applications


Thanks for bringing up this request.  We thought of doing Load Testing in future.

I would like to have following questions:

  • Does the application to be tested is accessible only in house or can be accessed from externally ?
  • What kind of application you would like to have stress tested ? Is it normal web app / AJAX based application ?
  • Do you prefer it to be command line driven test which will not access any resources like images / css etc or browser based tests which access all the application resources as well during stress test ?


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Re: Re: Stress Testing Applications

Hi Raghavan, 

Maybe I am looking at the older post, but interested in it. So replying it, though it is late.

Any update from your side that you implemented this load test feature.


Best Regards,

Pramod Kumar. B

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