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StatusIQ : Building Application Status Page

Hello All, 

We are evaluating site24x7 for all monitoring needs of it. We are also exploring ways by which we can use the StatusIQ page to host the status of our application to our customers and rest of the world. 

I understand that we can add Monitors /Monitor groups as part of Status IQ page. But this would directly talk about exposing all backend components which is not right. We have 20 odd microservices and additional frontend applications. Want to know how best we can provide the status page to depict over all status of Microservices and Frontend services as two different components using statusIQ page. 

Appreciate any suggestions to achieve this. 




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Re: StatusIQ : Building Application Status Page

Dear Manjunath,

      Typically any microservice that has a customer-facing endpoint should be added as a component in StatusIQ. As rightly said you should not expose the infrastructure components. As a best practice, add the endpoints as a URL monitor or a rest API monitor and have that as the component in the Status page. 

For example, status.site24x7.com has many components. All components are URL monitors which are microservices of site24x7 (Apminsight's agent communication endpoint, rest API module's endpoint to name a few). If these are not reachable, that service is not reachable or may have intermittent issues.

On the other hand, if you want to group all the microservices into a single component, they have to be created manually. But once it is created you can automate creating and updating incidents through REST API or send an email to the component to update the status automatically.



Site24x7, PM

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Re: Re: StatusIQ : Building Application Status Page

Hello Jasper, 

Thank you for your response. This really helps to design it better. I Will work on it as suggested. 



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