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Status page subscriptions

I would like to have an option on the status pages for users to enter their email address and subscribe to any notifications, or even better; the user could select which service(s) they?d like to receive notifications for. 

If there is an outage, or planned maintenance, the users would be notified via email. 

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Re: Status page subscriptions

One way we worked around this was to create mailing lists that pertained to different groups of monitors that you predetermine with the groups of customers that would be getting alerts and then assign that mailing list as the recipient for alerts from a monitoring group or multiple groups.

For example, if you have AWS monitors you'd create a mailing list mailto:awsalerts@domain.com and assign that to your AWS group then anyone on that mailing list would get alerts. 

This way it's easier to keep Site24x7 cleaner and easier to work in.

As well, there is an RSS subscription option on the Status pages that your users can enable to get notified on.

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