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Status Page Announcements

Looking through the API I see that we can create and update status pages, but I do not see anything that would allow to me make calls to add announcements.  We are trying add announcements and updates to status pages withought having someone manually do it.  Any suggestions?


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Re: Status Page Announcements

Hi Connor,

POST /api/announcement/{status_viewid}

"title":"Intermittent Connection Problem",
"message":"Few of our customers are facing connect problem. We are working on it."


status_viewid - ID of the status page you want to post an announcement (get from /api/status_dashboards)

commenttime - "hours:minutes"

commentdate - "year-month-date"

expiry_time - number of hours to show the announcement at the top of the page (in milliseconds)

title - Announcement header

message - detailed annouoncement message.


We will include this in api document.


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