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[New Feature] StatsD Metrics Monitoring

We are happy to introduce the metrics aggregation service from Site24x7!

The Site24x7-StatsD integration will collect metrics from your custom applications through the StatsD protocol. You can monitor, compare, and visualize metrics across different dimensions and applications, from a single console.


  • The Site24x7 Linux Monitoring agent will monitor the metrics pushed through the StatsD protocol.
  • Supported performance metric types: Timer, counter, gauge, and set.
  • Tag metrics and filter them by name, tags, and type.
  • Set thresholds for every metric pushed to Site24x7 and receive timely alerts when they breach the configured value.
  • Automate incident remediation with Site24x7 IT Automation.

How it Works:

A lightweight StatsD listener in the Linux server monitoring agent will collect and aggregate metrics. This allows easy collection of custom application metrics in Site24x7.

Get Started:

Ensure to have Linux agent version 17.7.0 and above to use this feature. Refer our help documentation for step-by-step instructions.


For any questions, comment in the below thread or get in touch with us at support@site24x7.com

Happy Monitoring!

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Re: [New Feature] StatsD Metrics Monitoring

Is StatsD available on windows OS? It seems to me it doesn't work....

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Re: Re: [New Feature] StatsD Metrics Monitoring

Hi George,

Currently, we don't support StatsD integration on Windows. We can take this up as a feature request.

Although we can't assure a timeline, we will make sure this is taken up at the earliest. Will update this thread once the feature is live.




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