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Static Timezones for created items

In attempting to setup weekly/monthly maintenance for our customers, across multiple timezones, I discovered an oddity. When created a maintenance (scheduled report and other items with a timestamp,) I found that the timestamp (start/stop) is only static in its "time" and not in its timezone. 

Example: My account is set to Central. I create a maintenance for midnight Central. If at any time the account timezone is modified the maintenance is now scheduled for midnight of the new timezone. If the account timezone is set to UTC then the maintenance is now actually scheduled for 6pm Central or midnight UTC. 

To further complicate things this means that when the timezone shifts in Central any maintenance that we have configured to occur at a specific time local to the server will not go into a proper scheduled maintenance window since the timezone is set to Central for Site24x7 scheduled maintenance windows.

Feature Request: Timestamps should include timezones so that they are constant rather than fluid with an account timezone change. 
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