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Start monitoring your AWS Network Load Balancer nodes with Site24x7 now!

"Monitor and understand a multi-point failure in the AWS cloud" is a goal that we take seriously here at Site24x7. Our continued efforts in providing more out-of-the-box integrations for critical native AWS services keeps us moving towards this goal. Today, we're taking another step by officially introducing monitoring support for Amazon's latest layer-4 network load balancer. We're also bundling in a couple of other notable enhancements along with this release, read along to find out more.

Does your network load balancer work as expected?

Now you can use Site24x7 to collect performance metrics and inventory data for your network load balancer nodes along with your back-end server instances to gain accurate visibility. Visualize trends for metrics like active flow count, new flow count and consumed LCUs with preconfigured time series charts, keep an eye on key performance metrics by building multiple custom dashboards, generate custom reports, quickly set up multiple alert conditions and strategies to get notifications only when required.

Monitor consumed LCUs for your network load balancer

Target groups view

An all new Target Groups tab to provide more visibility into your dynamically changing ELB service has also been brought forth. See basic configuration information for various target groups, check target health check settings and view performance charts for metric data points related to target health and more.

View target group information

New dimension metric combination

To give you more context and power we've combined the metrics "healthy and unhealthy host count" metric with the dimension Target Group. Now you can easily set up thresholds and alerts for both the metrics at an individual target group level and immediately get notified when healthy targets drop or when unhealthy targets rises.

Set up thresholds at target group level

Important note:

The features mentioned above, Target groups tab and the ability to set thresholds at target group level is enabled for the application load balancer as well.


Each individual network load balancer node is considered a basic monitor.

Getting started (Existing users)

Since the network load balancer uses the same APIs as the application ELB, you don't need to do much. Your configured network load balancers would get automatically discovered and added as monitors, just make sure enough units of basic monitor licenses are available in your Site24x7 subscription account.

Upgrades - Additional metric support for your application load balancer

With more and more AWS customers making use of the newly announced one step migration wizard to port from the classic ELB to the application ELB, we figured we need to provide more insight into the service and have obliged by adding the following additional metrics. We've also changed the statistics for specific metric data points to aid clarity.

  • Target HTTP 2XX and 3XX errors
  • Client and Target TLS negotiation error
  • Consumed LCUs
  • Rule evaluations
  • Request count per target
  • IPv6 request count and Processed bytes and more.

Application ELB metric time series widgets

Well, that's about it. If you have any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear it!

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