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Start monitoring the full range of Kinesis services with Site24x7

Once again, we're making it easier to observe and receive alerts on what's happening in your AWS Cloud environment, this time with four brand new cloud service integrations. With complete monitoring support for each Amazon Kinesis service—Data Streams, Video Streams, Data Firehose, and Data Analytics—you get end-to-end insight into your data pipeline, from source to destination.

For Site24x7 customers using the Kinesis platform, this means improved insights into the resource usage of your real-time streaming applications with time series graphs, custom dashboards, reports, policy-driven thresholds, and notifications channels.


  • Data Streams: Collect and monitor basic stream-level metrics.
  • Video Streams: Analyze GetMedia and PutMedia connection errors, monitor data rates, and more.
  • Data Firehose: Troubleshoot data delivery failures with error logs that are automatically collected for 15 minutes after an outage.
  • Data Analytics: Identify usage patterns, Lambda preprocessing behavior, and more.

Licensing: Each instance of the Kinesis streaming platform—Data Stream, Video Stream, Data Firehose, or Data Analytics application—is considered a basic monitor.

Availability: The Kinesis integration is available immediately for Site24x7 users with a paid or evaluation subscription.

Enabling access for Site24x7

Start monitoring the various Kinesis services by granting Site24x7 the relevant permission. If you've already assigned the managed policy ReadOnlyAccess to your Site24x7 IAM entity, then you don't need to do anything else.
Note: The read-only permissions required to monitor Kinesis Video Streams are currently not part of the managed IAM policy ReadOnlyAccess. To monitor, construct a new policy from scratch in the visual editor. Learn more.

If you've created a custom policy, please make sure the read-level actions present in the permissions list are updated to fetch data for each supported Kinesis service.

Start monitoring

To start monitoring usage and performance of your Kinesis services as part of your existing integration, navigate to the Edit section of your monitored AWS account. Find the Kinesis services listing, select the service you want to monitor, and click Save.

If you haven't started monitoring the infrastructure and PaaS service in your AWS account, you can start now by following these simple steps.


Supported performance metrics:

What's next?

More enhancements and new releases are in store, so stay tuned. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments section below. If you have any questions about the Kinesis monitoring integration, you can get in touch with us at support@site24x7.com.


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