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Some of the AWS service are not being monitored


I have followed your cdocumentation to add AWS integration role to be able monitor all the AWS services.

Currently i have enabled all lthe services and added policy that your external account could be able to see them + added ReadOnlyPolicy as it was requested.

But instead of the expected result i see just empty windows with the error message that AWs resources are not being monitored. For example see the next screen.

It is just an example related with one of the services, but in fact there are so many. But not all.
Adding mentioned permissions to the policy also does not help. Please advise how to fix it asap.


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Could it be by the reason that we have a lot of resources and services and your monitoring platform does not show more then is mentioned in quota during the trial period?

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Thank you for reaching out. It looks like the license limit for the evaluation account was exhausted and hence you were unable to add more monitors. As you are already in touch with our evaluation support team, we'll assist you further in adding more monitors for your evaluation account or to upgrade your account. 

Thank you,

‚ÄčThe Site24x7 Team

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