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Site24x7 running on EU Datacenter

Due to European Union data regulations concerns, would be nice to use Site24x7 running in a EU Datacenter.
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Our EU datacenter is almost ready.  We will have it launched soon.  We are hoping to go live in Q1 2017.

We will keep this post updated once the DC is active.

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Hi Eduardo,

We'd like to inform you that we've added two new data centers in Europe-one in Amsterdam, Netherlands and another in Dublin, Ireland. And with this, we're now very well equipped to serve our European customers better than ever before. We've also launched our brand new European website www.site24x7.eu.

So what's with the European website?

Site24x7.eu, which is hosted from our EU data centers will cater to our ever-expanding customer base in Europe. It would drastically reduce any latency for customers accessing Site24x7 services from Europe. Further, you'll now have the option to make payments in Euros and GBP; finally getting rid of all those fluctuating exchange rates. You can access Site24x7 Europe service via our URL https://www.site24x7.eu.

Privacy - Our key focus area.

With our data centers in Europe, we will ensure that the European customers' data stays securely stored within the realms of the continent. With the addition of our European data centers and launch of site24x7.eu, we stay course in our commitment to building a truly global monitoring service.

Let us know if you've any more questions with regards to our EU setup.



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What are the plans for existing European customers?

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Hi Abhiram,

I have a couple of questions regarding to the EU datacenters.

  • The SMS providers you use are the same than for the US datacenter/account? Is there a change here?

  • Is it possible a migration from US datacenter to an EU datacenter? Actually we are using an MSP plan, and we would like to keep all settings and monitors.


Kind regards,
Eduardo Puente

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Hello Cloudar and Eduardo,

Thanks for raising these questions!

In regards to your questions, let me try to answer them one by one:

  • Only new European customers will be served from our EU data center. All existing customers (including current European customers) will continue to be served from our US data center. Although you can migrate your existing accounts (including MSP plan) to the EU data center, no existing data will be retained.
  • For customers being served by the EU data center, we'll only support the following SMS providers; Twilio and Clickatell at the moment. However, we have plans to roll out BulkSMS in the near future. 

Let me know if you need further clarity regarding this.



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Thanks Abhiram for your reply. What does no existing data will be retained mean? Is it historical data? Monitor setups? Account configurations?

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Hi Tom, 

Sorry for the delay in response!

Yes! While moving an existing account (hosted in the US data center) to our EU data center, all the existing user account data, including any historical data, monitor configuration data, or account configuration data will be lost completely. The user will have to configure the account afresh in the EU set-up.   

Hope this clarifies your doubts!



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