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Site24x7 monitoring from Cloud Regions

I know we can maintain our own pollers to do this but it would be a great added benefit to Site24x7 to have actual site24x7 owned pollers that allow customers to be able to monitor from cloud provider regions. This would allow clients with services in AWS to be able to monitor them from the different cloud regions as well as the normal location base that is already offered.

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Hi Framirez,

  Its an interesting request that you have asked.

- What is the primary purpose of wanting to monitor from a cloud location instead of a location nearby (not necessarily in a cloud region)?

- Is it only to check the responsetime and availablity of the website in that region to avoid latency issues?

- Cross Region (DC) latency for uptime?

PS: We do host from probes in AWS. 


Product Manager, Site24x7

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Mostly to ensure that our customers that use our APIs from their AWS Resources are not being impacted. It would be a combination of both.

How do we set an AWS endpoint as a monitor location for our monitor profiles?

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