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site24x7 freelancer?

Hi folks,

I’m looking for a site24x7 freelancer who could audit my monitors and make sure I’m set up correctly. Nothing too complicated...make sure my linux monitor and services are setup.  Some AWS checks as well. IT automations if anything fails to restart. 

I’d rather ask the community here for a referral, I hope that’s ok. 

Thanks! Kris

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Re: site24x7 freelancer?

Hello Kris,

Our support team can help you in reviewing your setup and assist you with best practices.

You can refer the help document related to AWSLinux server monitor and IT-Automation for configuration assistance.

Please write an email to support@site24x7.com , schedule a session with our Engineers and get your setup reviewed by our experts.



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Re: Re: site24x7 freelancer?

Hi Elango, 

I appreciate the offer, but I'd prefer to pay someone to spend the time to look at my setup, and not bother/abuse support. I respect the support team and would only bother them for true troubleshooting issues.

If someone from support, or anyone in this community,  is willing to freelance, I'm happy to pay for their services!

Thanks! Kris


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