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Site24x7 CloudSpend Product Roadmap 2022

Cloud use and costs have increased gradually as many SMBs and enterprises have embarked on the digital transformation necessary in the post COVID-19 era. Companies of all sizes find it difficult to keep a check on cloud costs, as wider adoption happens across the organization. Those trying to adapt to a multi-cloud vendor approach to obtain the best quote from each vendor have made cost control even harder.

In 2021, we concentrated a lot on fine-tuning CloudSpend. We made in-depth searches easier, brought in a range of options for budgeting, enabled you to obtain deeper insights into your budgets, and our product became mobile compatible for ease of access. We introduced a range of options to schedule different types of reports to enable you to stay on top of the performance of your chargebacks at the granular level. We also rolled out our first AI capability, with advanced features to forecast or predict your cost spend and budget. In 2022, we plan to go steps beyond and provide an exhaustive analysis of each section.

Here's the gist of what's in store for 2022 from CloudSpend.

Azure CloudSpend

We had a successful pre-beta program in 2020, but we had to alter our timelines to perfect CloudSpend for Azure in 2021. We are planning for this release in 2022 and are pumped up about this!

Monitoring Integration

In 2021, we introduced an option to use your existing monitoring account to create a CloudSpend account. In 2022, we are going one level deeper by offering integration with various features of Site24x7, like Alarms and IT Automation. Next, we plan to bring resource costs to corresponding monitoring accounts and link them directly. Stay tuned to learn more details!

Custom Reports

We plan to roll out a customized reporting option to help you create a widget for each cost component or tag profile and easily create a dashboard. 

Multi-currency support

We will roll out the ability to view costs in the currency you designate, which is often crucial for service providers who provide billing for end users. This will be an initial step to support invoicing in the future.

Anomaly Detection

We have at the top of our priorities list for 2022, post forecasting, focusing on detecting anomalies in an automated way that is pivotal to holistically controlling costs.

Resource Inventory

We plan to offer a detailed view of resource utilization. You'll be able to slice and dice utilization levels in each category. Joining this with cost estimation can give you the power to right-size your resources.

Mobile app

We are looking forward to releasing the first version of the mobile app for CloudSpend  to make your cloud cost optimization much easier! This enables you to check updates and stay current with the latest account details from any location, at any time. 

Our roadmap is subject to change based on market trends, but our focus to provide you with the best possible product experience based on feedback remains steadfast.

Check out our Site24x7 RoadMap for all the exciting releases from our other products. Here's to a happy 2022!


Team Site24x7 CloudSpend.




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do you also plan to compare your own on-prem resources (from site24x7 monitors/groups plus other costs that can be stored, for example for servers such as operations, backup, licenses) with cloud spend? It's all about the question: What does it cost me to operate on-prem and what does it cost me in the cloud?

That would be very helpful.




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Hi Torsten,

We have plans to bring in costs associated with monitors in Site24x7 via CloudSpend. This will be applicable to monitor group level as well.



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Thanks, sounds good.



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Hi all!

We are excited to announce that, we have released the beta version of Azure CloudSpend to help you save your Azure cloud bills.

With the CloudSpend you can:

  • Rightsize resources
  • Create Budgets and Forecasts
  • Analyze spend trends
  • Gain effective chargebacks

Try our new Azure CloudSpend feature, which is absolutely free during the beta period for all Evaluation and Paid customers of CloudSpend, and leave your valuable feedback below in the comments section!

Team Site24x7 CloudSpend.

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I only am able to add 5 azure accounts in the cloud spend and it is not allowing me to add more than that.


Need help on the same

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Hi Vincent,

Thank you for reaching out. 

We've fixed the issue and you can now add multiple accounts in CloudSpend.


Thanks and Regards,

The CloudSpend Team

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