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SIte24x7 : cannot get all performances data with REST API

 Hello Community,


I have the following problem. I have a Web Page Analyzer monitor running. I need to extract performance data via the REST API, particularly the Page Load Time. 

So, I use the following cURL call:

curl "https://www.site24x7.com/api/reports/performance/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?period=3" -H
'Authorization: Zoho-authtoken yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy' -k 

The result is:

I have data related to response time but nothing related to other counters like "Page Load Time" (except in "Legends"). Is this normal ? Or am I missing something and need to use another REST request ? 




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Re: SIte24x7 : cannot get all performances data with REST API


In this api response, you should have a chart_data node parallel to legends node, which will contain array of values of all those legends in the same order for the specified time.



Here "1" represents the location you passed to the api.

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