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Show time zones whenever you prompt for dates/times

At various places in the UI, you're asking to get input for a date and/or time (e.g. when viewing reports, or setting up scheduled maintenance). Given the nature of your service I think it would be very helpful to show the time zone that you're using for these fields - given that it could be (a) my browser time zone, (b) my Site24x7 time zone, or (c) UTC. I'm pretty sure that it's (b), but in my opinion it'd be nice to make this more explicit and would help usability.
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Re: Show time zones whenever you prompt for dates/times

Hi John,

Thanks for your suggestion. It is making sense to show the timezone in which the input is requested.

We will analyze it and will improve the usability of our client forms and pages. To answer your query it is requested in your Site24x7 account timezone.

Keep coming up with your suggestions.

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Re: Re: Show time zones whenever you prompt for dates/times


I second this feature request, because it would solve a problem I am having with recurring scheduled maintenance windows.

You have to schedule the recurring window using your default time zone. That causes a problem in the United States, where some time zones switch between Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time. My server clocks use UTC to schedule a maintenance process, so twice a year, I have to log into Site24x7 and edit the maintenance window because the local time changed by one hour relative to UTC. I could work around this by using UTC as my time zone, but that makes other tasks more complicated, because I would need to do time calculations in order to set an "ad hoc" maintenance window.

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