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Show the complete and not partial periods in the reports

Could you help me by telling me if there is any way for the reports to show the complete and not partial periods in the reports that come out of the dashboards. For example, that 30-day report that the period 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. goes well.

The dashboards that we can export in PDF then in PDF and this dashboard we share to our clients, and they are confusing to visualizing that dashboard because they can't see all days.

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Dear Mauricio,

    We show all the data points in the charts but since it can become very congested the dates are not given.

However, if this is a performance report for a network device we show each data point as a tabular column below the graph when generated from reports tab which will be helpful to see the exact data for that data point. 

To access this navigate to reports tab -> search for network device -> choose performance report -> Filter according to your need. 

Let us know if this works. The same can be scheduled to get the report you are looking for.



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