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ServiceNow integration via em_event.

Currently Site24x7 integration creates/closes Incidents in ServiceNow. 

Standard ServiceNow workflow is starting with Events as basic information from the monitoring tools - see www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ0Iq-hePhQ&list=PLCOmiTb5WX3oSP3EgmRExyi9bm3fqOWVX.

With the Incidents we cannot work with any event/alert rules and we cannot see data aggregated from more monitoring tools in the ServiceNow Event Management Dashboard. As we are MSP provider, we are normally sharing those dashboards with our customers. Means - without integration via em_event  is usability of Site24x7 limited just to small customer cases.

Josef Solnicky, Tieto

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Re: ServiceNow integration via em_event.

mailto:josef.solnicky@tieto.com (my ZOHO account is in .eu domain)

Re: ServiceNow integration via em_event.

Hi Josef, 

     Thanks for raising this. We will check on the feasibility for this and implement it. However we don't have an exact timeline for this at the moment. 



Product Manager, Site24x7

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